Standards Against Female Exploitation

Welcome to SAFE

SAFE is an innovative charity that is working to end human trafficking and the use of under-age workers within the UK sex industry. We do this in two rather unique ways.

SAFE established a mechanism for anonymous reporting of intelligence. Potential victims are highlighted through RedlineUK, our 24/7 reporting hotline.  This information is then developed by our investigators, to the point where victims can be rescued.  Our reporting mechanism is trusted by many large sex industry sites and we are therefore directing our service relevantly to thousands of people within the sex industry community, who are most able to help us identify these vulnerable victims. 

SAFE is implementing structural prevention within an otherwise unregulated industry, by encouraging industry businesses to submit to voluntary audit and external examination. Their compliance is assessed against standards designed to prevent human trafficking and the exploitation of those underage together with a host of other standards geared towards 'harm reduction'.

Our sole purpose is to end human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of those underage within the sex industry, therefore everything that we do is carefully weighed against these goals by our team, our trustee board and ultimately by yourselves.

Thank you for your interest.


Registered Charity Number 1147308